Award Winning Solutions

Zyvex Technologies provides our customers with award winning chemistry solutions. While carbon nanomaterials are inherently strong, their properties are not easily transferrable to other materials, such as carbon fiber or plastic. Using patented Kentera™ chemistry, Zyvex develops solutions for customers seeking to leverage the power of nanomaterials into their current or future product portfolio.

We typically service our chemistry customers with specific polymer developments, leveraging over a decade of experience we have with nanomaterial chemistry. As the first molecule nanotechnology company, our team of Ph.D. chemists and materials engineers are uniquely suited to handle your toughest challenges. As a company, we have received a prestigious R&D100 award for our breakthrough chemistry that first enabled commercial products powered by nanomaterials.


R&D100 award-winning Kentera™ chemistry at work

R&D100 award-winning Kentera™ chemistry at work


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Zyvex offers a variety of solutions to deliver the next generation of your products, allowing you to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage.

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