Data Sheets and Specifications

All products and materials use Kentera™, a molecule that enables dispersion of carbon nanotubes and graphene within a resin to effectively transfer their mechanical properties.


ZNT™ Modified Carbon Nanotubes

ZNT is a family of polymer modified multi-wall nanotube additives for a wide range of applications including epoxy composites and coatings, elastomers, and aqueous solutions.

ZNT-C™ Data SheetComposite
ZNT-Ep™ Data SheetElastomer Peroxide Cure
ZNT-Es™ Data SheetElastomer Sulfur Cure
ZNT-W™ Data SheetWater/Aqueous


ZNT-boost is an advanced epoxy composite toughener that doesn’t compromise stiffness or strength in carbon or glass fiber composites. In fact, ZNT-boost increases composite toughness up to 100% while also increasing stiffness and strength up to 30%.

These simple-to-use, drop-in tougheners come in two forms: liquid and powder. boost can be used for most composite applications and processes including Prepreg, infusion, VARTM, and hand layup. ZNT-boost increases toughness and strength in epoxies, vinyl esters, polyesters, and just about any epoxy-based system with negligible increases is system viscosity and doesn’t require any changes in curing agents or catalyst of your system.

Product Type Applications Resin Process Condition
ZNT-boost Data SheetLiquid Epoxy composites, prepregs, vinyl esters, polyesters Liquid at room temp
ZNT-boost Data SheetPowder Epoxy composites, prepregs Solid at room temperature

Arovex® Prepreg

Arovex® is an advanced line of prepreg material that incorporates Zyvex’s molecular technology in order to deliver superior mechanical properties when compared to conventional prepregs. Arovex is used to reduce the weight or increase the strength, stiffness, or toughness of any composite product.

ProductResin TypeCure TemperatureToughness
Arovex® 180 Technical Data SheetEpoxy180°F (82°C)Very high toughness
Arovex® 250 Technical Data SheetEpoxy180°F - 280°F (82°C - 138°C)Very high toughness
Arovex® SC 250 Technical Data SheetEpoxy180°F - 280°F (82°C - 138°C)Extremely high toughness
Arovex® 350 Technical Data SheetEpoxy350°F (177°C)Very high toughness

Aroply™ Film Adhesive

Aroply™ is a carbon nanotube (CNT) and graphene nanoplatelet (GNP) enhanced film adhesive, offering superior bonding and durability over standard film adhesives. Aroply pairs well with Arovex® prepreg as well as other high performance prepregs.

ProductResin TypeCure TemperatureStrength
Aroply™ 250 Technical Data SheetEpoxy180°F - 280°F (82°C - 138°C)Exceptionally high strength
Aroply™ 350 Technical Data SheetEpoxy350°F (177°C)Exceptionally high strength


ZNT-fuse™ is a carbon nanotube enhanced ambient or elevated temperature cure two-part epoxy adhesive designed for bonding, laminating or filling.
ZNT-fuse is designed for effective bonding and repair of composites. ZNT-fuse is also ideal for many metals, woods, masonry products, and some plastics and rubbers. 

Patented and proven carbon nanotube dispersion technology gives ZNT-fuse superior peel, shear, and bonding strength over conventional epoxy adhesives.

ProductAdhesive TypeParts
ZNT-fuseEpoxy Adhesive Paste2-Part

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