žMaking Nanomaterials Useful

Although incredibly strong, carbon nanomaterials, including carbon nanotubes and graphene, can't simply be mixed into resin systems in order to improve their properties. Nanomaterials have an inherent affinity for themselves and tend to agglomerate without effective dispersing agents being introduced in the system.


Zyvex has 10 years of development history behind chemistry for carbon nanomaterial additives. Kentera™ is the trade name for Zyvex Technologies' unique chemistry that creates 'bridges' between nanomaterials and resin systems. Kentera™ is the chemistry Zyvex uses to make materials better. The technology is built in, so performance is obtained without changing current methods for using composites.


When properly integrated into composites, carbon nanomaterials increase mechanical and other properties, including strength, stiffness, and toughness. For more than five years, Zyvex Technologies' nano-enhanced materials have improved our customer’s products across a variety of industries.

Unlike other methods, Kentera™ is already scaled and commercially available. Our technology has powered real commercial nanotechnology applications for our customers, including sporting goodsautomotivemarine, and aerospace customers since 2005.


For more information visit the Knowledge Base. For a detailed breakdown of how Kentera works, read the white paper



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