New name reflects expansion into design and fabrication of nano-enhanced composite components and structures.

Columbus, OH, October 4, 2010 - Zyvex Performance Materials, a recognized world leader in nanotechnology, announced its new company name: Zyvex Technologies.

"Our company has been built on the mission represented by our original name – developing high performance materials,” said Lance Criscuolo, President of Zyvex Technologies. “Our new name now better represents our expansion into helping customers build products from the superior materials that we continue to develop. Better materials make better products and deliver greater performance capabilities to our customers"

The name change coincides with an expansion near Seattle, WA as Zyvex Technologies combines its expertise in nanomaterials development with the latest composite construction methods. “Our new Advanced Composite Solutions facility is where we take ideas and concepts and turn them into reality using our latest technologies,” said Russell Belden, Vice President of the Advanced Composite Solutions group for Zyvex Technologies. “Customers continued to ask for our help in creating complete solutions with the materials we develop, so we expanded to fill that demand with our own capabilities.” The new facility is home to production equipment as well as the engineering and design team that develops prototype structures built with Zyvex’s advanced materials.

Zyvex Technologies has over a decade of nanotechnology experience and developed a line of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) enhanced performance materials based on its Kentera polymers. CNTs are widely recognized as the strongest materials known to man, yet their strength is difficult to apply for commercially scalable applications. Kentera effectively disperses and functionalizes CNTs in a proprietary manufacturing process that transfers the strength of CNTs into products like carbon fiber or adhesives.

CNT enhanced carbon fiber from Zyvex Technologies, known as Arovex, is often a superior alternative to using heavier materials, such as aluminum or steel. Customers who have little to no composite capability or expertise can now take advantage of the latest in materials technology. With the Advanced Composites Solutions facility, Zyvex Technologies can design structures, rapidly make prototypes and help transition it to a production process. From primary platforms, such as boat hulls, to tertiary structures, such as electronics housings, a lighter component from Zyvex Technologies can translate to greater fuel efficiency, faster speed, or greater range in terms of overall system performance. Zyvex’s materials can also provide other benefits from greater corrosion resistance to EMI shielding.