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A local company has a stealthy,high-tech solution to battle piracy on the high seas. It's a light-weight, unmanned boat that can travel great distances without refueling.

You know that the Boeing 787 is built using carbon fiber technology for its light-weight strength. It's a similar idea here. Zyvex Technologies is using carbon nano-tubes.

"Extremely small structures of carbon that have ten times the strength of steel at one-sixth the weight," according to Lance Criscuolo, President of Zyvex Technologies.

Criscuolo's company, with a manufacturing plant in Bothell, builds the 54-foot Piranha. You might have seen the funky-looking black and white, camouflage vessel on the water. It just finished sea trials in Elliot Bay, Puget Sound and off the Washington coast. At 8,400 pounds, it's up to 75 percent lighter than a conventional boat of the same size.