SINGAPORE: Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) attracted much attention at this year's International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (IMDEX Asia) show in Singapore which ended on May 20.

With its many capabilities which includes spying, these vehicles are also making waves in regional navies.

One of the USVs is the Piranha USV. It is made out of advanced carbon fibre and is one of a kind.

The Piranha USV at IMDEX is garnering much interest from various government agencies as well as commercial enterprises. It weighs about 4,000kg. That is one quarter the weight of a normal boat of a similar size.

Singapore company ZyCraft is bringing in a new USV called the Vigilant from the United States to modify and test in Singapore waters around early August. It is also said to be more fuel efficient.

Jim Von Ehr, Managing Director of ZyCraft, said: "We can send it out on a mission, we can send it out to sea for a month. It's got satellite links so we control it from a base station and we're putting our base station here in Singapore, so we'll be controlling it by pilots sitting in a nice air-conditioned office but they will be viewing things as if they were on the boat at sea."