Hi, my name is Katie Rubadue and I have been the Marketing Communications intern with Zyvex Technologies for a full year now. I would like to share my great experience with Zyvex that has paved the way for my future.  

As a junior going into my first internship, I was very nervous, especially working with something that I knew slim to nothing about: nanotechnology. On my first day though, I was welcomed as part of the team and a new member of Zyvex Technologies family. They looked past the fact that I was not skilled in chemistry or the nanotechnology field and they were patient as I learned all about composites and my role as an intern.  

I started out by doing research for different trade shows Zyvex could attend in different markets and learning about their competitors. I moved up in my role as I started to set up events for Zyvex, including COSI and the Ohio State Fair. I began writing press releases, blog posts and news stories for Zyvex. This experience improved my writing skills and communication skills. I even got to work with some style and design as I helped develop the new website and work on some interior decorating for the office.   

My advice for any new intern would be to keep an open mind. Learn something new everyday and don’t be afraid to ask for help and to take initiative over projects. Zyvex has shown me my love for writing and design and has expanded my interest into next generation materials and composites. I feel like I am actually making an impact on the world; these tiny carbon nanotubes are going to be a big part of this century. I get to take part in paving the way for the future of the world - Not many interns can say that.

AuthorKatie Rubadue