Zyvex Technologies president Lance Criscuolo spoke at CompositesWorld Carbon Fiber 2013 Conference on December 11 in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Criscuolo spoke about real world commercial applications and uses of nanocomposites from Zyvex, including a discussion about how technology needs to deliver results that customers find valuable, either in cost savings or significant performance improvements that can help drive customer sales. Criscuolo pointed out that many other academic nanomaterial projects fail because the science isn’t relevant to any specific customer need.

CompositesWorld Carbon Fiber 2013 Conference took place on December 9-12. The conference explored the expanding role and developments emerging in the industrial, marine, aerospace and sporting goods market on carbon fiber as well as the potential for growth. 

To learn more visit http://www.compositesworld.com/conferences/compositesworlds-2013-carbon-fiber-conference

AuthorKatie Rubadue