COLUMBUS, Ohio- Zyvex Technologies provided the Formula Buckeyes with Arovex® to create their first ever set of carbon fiber wheels. The Arovex-infused wheels helped the team improve the overall weight and performance of their race car through greater impact and fatigue resistance.  

The Formula Buckeyes is a student-run race team at Ohio State University who fund, design, fabricate and race high performance, open wheeled race cars. 

By incorporating Arovex, a carbon fiber composite reinforced with carbon nanotubes, the Formula Buckeyes were able to provide increased fatigue and impact resistance to the wheels. This results in more durable, smaller and lighter wheels that are much harder to damage. 

The Buckeyes took part in the FSAE International race in Michigan on May 14-17 using the new carbon fiber wheels, placing 22nd out of 119 teams. In the design category, they placed 5th, receiving 128 points out of 150.  

Their next race will be the FSG in Germany from July 29- Aug. 3. 

How Arovex Benefits the Car 

The new carbon fiber rim reduced the weight by five lbs. per rim and the size from 13 to 10 inches. This was a result of the ability to make a custom wheel offset. An additional four lbs. was saved per wheel from the switch to smaller tires. 

Compared to the original billet aluminum rims, there was a 62 percent weight reduction and a .2-degree increase of compliance. There was also a 70 percent reduction of the rim's inertia as well as a 50 percent reduction in the inertia of the tires. This allows for a straight-line acceleration gain of a 12.82 ft. per lb. of torque, which is a four percent effective power increase. 

About Zyvex Technologies  

Zyvex Technologies was founded in 1997 as the world's first molecular carbon nanotechnology company and is the first to commercialize products using carbon nanomaterials. Today, Zyvex has a wide assortment of chemistry and commercialized nano-engineered materials available for sale and license. 

For more information, contact Zyvex Technologies or call toll free at (800) GO-ZYVEX. 


AuthorKatie Rubadue