Zyvex Technologies will join OCSiAl at NANO KOREA 2014 Symposium, the 12th international nanotechnology symposium and nano convergence expo, on July 2-4 in Coex, Seoul, Korea.  

OCSIAL will have a booth displayed at the event on Nano Materials and Devices where visitors will have the opportunity to obtain a free sample of TUBALL, a universal nanomodifier that contains 75+% of SWCNTs. Their booth number is A-K38. 

OCSIAL will also give a presentation on their technology and products to their valued partners in Asia Pacific on July 3 at 11 am in the Seminar Room, Expo Hall B.  

CTO and co-founder of OCSiAl, Mikhail Predtechensky, will give a speech about OCSiAl’s unique technology of mass graphene tubes production at NANO KOREA symposium on July 2 at 11:25 in room TS09.  

About NANO KOREA 2014  

NANO KOREA is the largest nanotechnology expo in Korea, attracting as many as 8,000 visitors and 230 exhibitors from 40 different countries. The event will focus on powder manufacturing, dispersion and mixture, precision array (optics, machinery and electronic parts) and electronic printing.   

This event, organized by Korea Nano Technology Research Society and Nano Technology Research Association of Korea, allows professionals in the nano field to come together and get the most up-to-date information and trends on topics related to nanoscale science and technology.  

For more information on the event, please visit http://sympoeng.nanokorea.or.kr/2014/   

AuthorKatie Rubadue