Zyvex Technologies Materials Engineer, Rob Cook, co-authored two publications that have been accepted for presentation at the 226th ECS (Electrochemical Society) and SMEQ (Sociedad Mexicana de Electroquímica) Joint International Conference on October 5-10 in Cancun, Mexico. 

The first of the publications, Carbon Aerogels Synthesized via Ambient Drying as Supercapacitor Electrode Materials with High Specific Capacitance, has been accepted to be presented during the A3 symposium, Electrochemical Capacitors: Fundamentals to Applications, on Oct. 6 

This symposium is dedicated to addressing the challenges involving new technologies with power/energy requirements through innovative solutions showing research, development and real-world applications. 

The publication, Nano-Structured Silicon Derived from Silica Precursors as Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries, will be presented during the A5 symposium, Lithium-ion Batteries, on Oct. 8. 

This symposium is held as a forum for discussion on the fundamental and applied aspects of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. 

About ECS and SMEQ Joint International Conference 

The 2014 ECS and SMEQ Joint International Conference allows professionals from all over the world to get together and discuss results and issues on the latest science and technical developments in the fields of electrochemical and solid-state technology through a variety of formats, including oral presentations, poster presentations, exhibits and tutorial sessions. 

For more information about the conference, visit http://www.electrochem.org/meetings/biannual/226/  

AuthorKatie Rubadue