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Zyvex Technologies today announces a new product family called ZNT (Zyvex Nanotube Technology). ZNT is a polymer modified carbon nanotube additive for a wide range of host matrices that include epoxies, elastomers, thermoplastics, and aqueous-based solutions.

ZNT opens up Zyvex's 16 years of nanomaterial product development to e-commerce customers who need higher performance materials for a variety of applications including sports equipment, transportation, consumer goods, and industrial components. ZNT brings performance benefits to a wide range of epoxies, rubber blends, and a variety of other materials systems.

Carbon nanotubes have long been touted as performance-enhancing additives, but the fact is that most other formulations do not improve performance, due to poor nanotube dispersion and lack of adhesion to the matrix material. The ZNT family of products enables easy and cost effective dispersion of carbon nanotubes for true performance increases at affordable prices.

Lance Criscuolo, president of Zyvex Technologies, explained the importance of the new product. "Most companies, including Zyvex, have been hesitant to provide their fundamental technology for other organizations to use without complex licensing models. We decided that a more open-source approach, much like the software industry, would lead to greater and faster advances in the adoption of this important technology. We want as many industries and researchers as possible creating new products and developing new applications that use our high performance nanomaterials. We believe making our product readily available - and at affordable prices - will empower our customers to achieve a new level of performance in their products."

The new products are currently available in 4 different customizations: ZNT-C for thermoset composites, epoxies, and vinyl/poly esters; ZNT-W for aqueous based applications; ZNT-Ep for peroxide cured elastomers; and ZNT-Es for sulfur cured elastomers. These new products are available now and can easily be purchased online here.

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