ZNT-boost is a universal additive powered with
Zyvex Technologies’ functionalized carbon

ZNT-boost is an advanced composite toughener that doesn’t compromise stiffness or strength in carbon or glass fiber composites. In fact, ZNT-boost increases composite toughness up to 100% while also increasing stiffness and strength up to 30%.

These simple-to-use, drop-in tougheners come in two forms: liquid and powder. boost can be used for most composite applications and processes including Prepreg, infusion, VARTM, and hand layup. ZNT-boost increases toughness and strength in epoxies, vinyl esters, polyesters, and just about any epoxy-based system with negligible increases is system viscosity and doesn’t require any changes in curing agents or catalyst of your system.

  • ZNT-boost Liquid – Best when used with systems that are liquid at room temperature
  • ZNT-boost Powder – Best when used with systems that require heating such as hot-melt Prepreg systems

Please contact Zyvex Technologies for assistance or questions on which form of boost is best for your application.

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