Timeline: Your high performance future. Delivered. 

Zyvex has a rich history of developing world and class-leading products in the nanotechnology and materials fields. Starting with its founding in 1997 as the first molecular nanotechnology company, Zyvex has driven nanotech material adoption with an R&D100 award and an ever-growing track record of enabling class leading products.

What sets Zyvex apart is its relentless focus on commercializing nanotechnology materials developments. We have been bringing research out of the lab for over 15 years, working on projects for a range of industry-leading companies in fields as varied as sporting equipment, aerospace, automotive, marine, and healthcare. Our work with Willow Wood and the United States Department of Veteran's Affairs to create a next generation limb prosthetic resulted in a 3x improvement in patient comfort, highlighting the wide application of Zyvex's materials technology and development expertise.


Zyvex Technology has delegated long term partner Evermore Applied Materials Corp. to fully manufacture Aorvex and related products.


Zyvex announces new product Znt-Fuse


Zyvex announces second-generation nano-composite: Arovex® HT


Lance Criscuolo, President of Zyvex Technologies, delivers Keynote Address at first SAMPE South Korea
Asian distribution and manufacturing partners established in Taiwan to meet global worldwide demand of product
Arovex® enables near unbreakable carbon fiber lacrosse shafts with C-12 Lacrosse
Zyvex joins a 5-year Aerospace Consortium led by Airbus to provide new composite breakthroughs


Zyvex and Willow Wood create next generation limb prosthetics with a 3x improvement in patient comfort
Arovex® receives aerospace qualification
Arovex® enables the world's first nano-enhanced carbon fiber downhill bike rim
Arovex® enables the marine industry's lightest doors and hatches
Zyvex Molecularly Engineered Rubber introduced at the first commercially available rubber with carbon nanotubes, making elastomers and plastics stronger, stiffer and more conductive
Arovex® a 17-meter long range vessel with 3x the range


Piranha USV used by Singapore Ministry of Defense for unmanned research
Arovex® enables first carbon nanotube-enhanced carbon fiber masts for J-Boats


Awarded over $7.2 million across 38 contracts from the US Navy, US Army, DARPA, and NASA


Piranha Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) technology demonstrator created entirely out of Arovex® and Epovex®
Genoa Racing uses Epovex® for repairs during the American Le Mans series


Arovex® and Epovex® class-leading composites developed
Received $5 million in state grants to further commercialize nano-enhanced composites


Received $4 million in strategic investment from Lockheed Martin and Arkema


Headquarters moved to Columbus, Ohio to leverage technology/IP investments
Zyvex Inc. splits its three groups into seperate companies - Zyvex Technologies focuses on nano-enhanced materials development


Kentera™-enhanced shaft powers Aldila golf clubs to drive 4 PGA Tour wins


Awarded R&D100 for carbon nanotube-enhanced composite technology
Kentera™ powers the first carbon nanotube-enhanced product: The Easton STEALTH Carbon Fiber Baseball Bat
Zyvex awarded DARPA grant to research and develop carbon nanotube enhanced carbon fibers


Awarded over $9.8 million across 6 grants from US DOE and DOC


Zyvex wins NASA SBIR for nanotech enhanced composites


Zyvex unlocks the power of carbon nanotubes with Kentera™
Zyvex develops the first commercially successful nano-manipulator and assembly systems.
President George W. Bush signs agreement to start National Nanotechnology Initiative


Zyvex awarded $25 million NIST grant over 5 years to develop MEMS-releated nano devices


Zyvex is founded as the first molecular nanotechnology company