Case Study: Prosthetic Socket + Custom Solution

 Zyvex delivers next generation resin systems for more advanced prosthetics

Zyvex delivers next generation resin systems for more advanced prosthetics

Zyvex worked with Willow Wood, a leading prosthetic company, and the United States Department of Veteran's Affairs to develop a next generation resin system for better, more comfortable prosthetics.

Our Solution

Zyvex worked with our partners to generate a resin system specific to their applications, but made possible only with Zyvex's advanced molecular chemistry and nano-composite expertise. 

The Result

The next generation resin system increased comfort and reduced friction, enabling additional properties that are unavailable anywhere else on the market.


Industrial Cost Reductions: Lowering Weight and Improving Durability

Today's industrial and manufacturing facilities were built with materials developed decades ago. As industry continues to evaluate ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, nano-engineered materials powered by Zyvex offer advantages by reducing weight and improving durability.

Zyvex works with leading composites manufacturers to provide solutions ranging from a single part to full production runs. Our Arovex® formulations create a more durable composite that can withstand environments unsuitable for most other fragile composites.


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