The Next Generation Prepreg

Arovex® is a next generation prepreg reinforced with carbon nanotubes and graphene. Zyvex developed molecular chemistry that allows nanomaterials to be evenly dispersed into a resin system, called Kentera, to deliver tougher composites. Arovex is used in the aerospace, automotive, sports, marine, and industrial markets for the highest levels of performance.

 How Arovex Carbon Fiber Prepreg Compares to Industry Leading Carbon Fiber Prepreg

Available on a wide variety of glass and fiber reinforcements, Arovex is a uniquely positioned material that provides a significant advantage in toughness without compromising strength.

 Arovex Toughness Comparison

The incorporation of nanomaterials into the resin systems used in Arovex helps protect the material from fracture damage. Customers choose Arovex to improve the performance of a product without compromising the weight advantages of composites.

Arovex® SC

Arovex SC is a second-generation Arovex material designed to build on the broad mechanical property advantages of the first generation of Arovex. Arovex SC was designed for customers of any industry with products that can't afford to fail, featuring 200-300% improved fracture toughness compared to traditional reinforced composite materials.

Product List

ProductResin TypeCure TemperatureToughness
Arovex® 180Epoxy180°F (82°C)Very high toughness
Arovex® 250Epoxy180°F - 280°F (82°C - 138°C)Very high toughness
Arovex® SC 250Epoxy350°F (177°C)Extremely high toughness
Arovex® 350Epoxy350°F (177°C)Very high toughness

Arovex Prepreg List

Arovex® 180 Data Sheet
Arovex® 250 Data Sheet
Arovex® SC 250 Data Sheet
Arovex® 350 Data Sheet
Arovex® Brochure


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